A Girl with Guns

I game, trade and play on TF2.

Was never a good CS player even back when the game did not allow for instant respawn, and never figured I’d like an FPS game like TF2 much.

Then came the next milestone of not figuring I’d spend this much time in the game, and then not figuring my hubby and I would spend money on the game, then not figuring we’d spend much money on the game, and then not figuring we might actually think of trading for profit.

Valve is smart. Its economics is brilliant.

It pretty much started when I first unboxed my first Unusual hat which was a Sunbeams Helmet Without a Home and took me a few hours to register my shock.

Nevermind that, let’s get to the part where as a gamer friend described, no point money spent on pixels.

We’re nowhere near the top traders in the TF2 economy, loitering suspiciously around the top 2k mark on backpack.tf but our pockets have taken through a few trades.

I like pretty hats. I like pretty killstreakers.

I have been taken by TF2 from Gucci to Sunbeams.

Well done Valve, well done.

Technically if you do the math, I’d probably spend less at home in front of the computer almost all weekend playing TF2, as compared to going to town and spending money in Orchard Road.

Just saying that line makes me realise how lame my words sound to my own ears.

In self-defence however, I have since stopped buying branded goods and started thinking about setting people on fire and airblasting more, or launching a rocket or planting stickybombs in Turbine (I

As I said earlier, well done Valve, well done!

To avoid confusion for some of the Instagram photos I’m sharing mostly of my own gameplay, I have gone by the aliases of FourPaws, Burpy Bear, Happy Hamster, A Loaf of Hamster (seriously though, look at them when they’re brown and lying flat out) and for a very short while once, Fairy CODmother or something like that.

And to set the record straight, buying pretty hats does not make anyone good at the game, don’t discredit “F2P”s for their gameplay, the thing I appreciate about TF2 is that it’s not a pay-to-win game and some kids can get really good scores (talking pubs here, sorry pros!) and don’t deserve the usual trash talking to.

I might disable my Steam mobile authenticator soon to control my wallet. Our purse.

Well done Valve.

Well done.


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