TF2 Geek Chick

MGE can be gruelling, why not have a little fun and dance?

Mr. Miami Nights there is my senpai who has a tremendous amount of patience at teaching me to rocket jump, and an alarmingly lack of patience in being my pocket subject.

Try doing the same wall jump move over and over again for over an hour and tell me you won’t feel like biting your own cat. Cats. And hamsters. And husband. And all your gaming peripherals.

More than L’Oreal’s slogan, this is worth it though, the feeling of sailing through the air and launching your rocket freely at your opponents.

Never mind that sometimes you might still be unable to get a good score, what matters is you keep training and trying to be a better soldier, and a bad-assed demoman (seriously, that Oblooterated taunt is simply crass and absolutely ballsy).

My dream job? Play TF2 full time. Realistic aspiration? Naw, hardly seems to be the case. Remember if Apple were to come up with a special gaming peripherals series just for me, it might be called iSuck.

Noob and happy though. It’s the camaraderie 😀


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