Surprise Belated Christmas Gift for the Hubby!

Ok I have just managed to procure the Strange Catastrophic Companions (thank you for accepting the trade so quickly, Right Nosok, whoever you are sir!) for the hubby, and am quite excited to see his reaction after his Naruto game.

It’s past 2am and we really have to go to sleep or we’ll be crawling out of bed again tomorrow for work, wishing we could sleep in and knowing we can’t really because a public holiday did not just miraculously happen overnight.

So. I’ve sent him a trade offer and Meowster has left his mobile phone outside the study, and I need to contain my excitement.

Probably now might be a good time to pretend to start nagging him to go to sleep so he can check his Steam mobile app.

But he looks so happy playing Naruto I can’t really do it >.<

He’s literally at his computer and not on Steam (how dare he!) so he cannot see any trade notifications (how dare he not!) from me.

Awwww ❤ I hope he likes this belated Christmas gift in a way because he’s been talking about this Strange quality cosmetic for some time and the prices kept going up (he missed a pretty decent selling price quite recently).

I can hear meowing from his Naruto game. Yes he really likes cats and we have two that really amuses him.

Guess who cleans up most after them >.<


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