FourPaws because I ❤ animals and sometimes they love me back 😀

I’m a pubber and am nowhere near competitive gaming, but like to think I have a tenacity for training when some of my friends and hubby are free (or patient enough) to train my Soldier and Demoman.

Prolly because I am stubborn to not concede that I am useless at TF2 😀

Started off with Pyro, occasionally going W+M1 to annoy the poop out of some players (or when complete cannot be arsed about playing properly after a long day at work), gradually going on to Soldier and Demo, then Medic and sometimes using the much loved-hated Huntsman for the Sniper.

My most useless class has got to be the Spy (the hubby started off with that class and was pretty decent at it) with absolutely no coordination whatsoever except to cloak and hope no one spots my silhouette when I move too much, with the Cloak and Dagger.

Scout follows my most useless class, except that I appear to now be the designated Scout for MVM Tour of Duty matches, where I go about Mad Milking bots and scrambling to collect cash so we can have that sympathetic shopping spree in-between waves.

That’s just girl talk, I know we need the upgrades.

I’m quite useless at Sniping too but because I’m used to using the Scorch shot more often on my Pyro, than the Degreaser, Meowster pointed out I should try using the Huntsman, so now I’m all cuddly with my Huntsman and Fortified Compound.

As for all that talk about P2P vs. F2P, I think a lot of F2Ps are decent players and wearing an expensive hat does not automatically make one a TriWizard tournament winner.

You know, in TF2.

So yup, let’s continue working on my Soldier and Demoman and hope that I might just be able to make a few decent Spy stabs before conceding defeat to the class with my coordination problems as a Spy (really).